Lawin II

Lawin 2

Discounted price for Public Transport use!

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~ 30KM

45 KPH


Basic Specifications

Rated specs have been verified through

Meralco Powerlab Testing Facility


AC Induction Motor


Lithium battery pack (GEL or Lead Acid optional)

Seating Capacity

6 + 1 (driver)


Non-metallic Composite Materials

Driving and Brake System

Front/Rear: Disc Brake
Reverse-Forward Feature

Load Capacity

420 kilos

Normal Operating Speed

30 - 45 KPH

Range per Full Charge

25 / 35KM (slope / flat terrain)

Delivery Lead Time

30 working days upon downpayment and PO/LOI receipt

Payment Terms

30% DP / 70% before delivery


1 Year on parts and services; 6 mos on battery service



Lithium battery power

Lithium battery pack makes it very light.

Latest EV technology of using lithium as battery pack makes it very light, and more efficient in drawing battery power.


Faster charging than normal EVs.

With the built-in charger, you can easily plug the unit anywhere and fully charge in less than 4 hours*!
*Estimated 2.45~3.5 hours for full charge (lithium battery only).

Signal system

Signal system for low battery charge.

All units have built-in alarm system to alert you reaching 20% battery power, informing you to charge asap.

Climbing capacity

Ease of climbing at steep slopes.

All our units undergo steep slope testing giving you ease of mind while travelling in high terrains, even if hanging.

Customization available

Customization available

You can request for additional body modifications. You can also choose what colors to place on vehicle (up to 3 basic tones) and decals/stickers. Additional fee may be required.

Seating Orientation 2

Seating orientation

This unit is configured for side-to-side mode of seating.