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Electric Vehicle Assistance Programs

ToJo Motors provide institutions and businesses an opportunity to operate electric vehicles fleet at discounted unit costs and full aftersales support. We believe that sustainability is the most important aspect of this business, and we must support our customers so we all grow and progress together.


The EQS brand is ToJo Motors' commitment to sustainable green vehicles. Eco-friendly vehicle, quality-made products and assembly, and proven for sustainability with after sales support and services. Our EQS brand is mainly focused on public transport means, making sure our vehicles sustain your livelihood and provide you what you need.  

Check out your varied options if you wish to partner with us through fleet operations of electric vehicles.

Service Centers in your area

Area Service Centers

After sales support is a primary objective of our company for sustainability of customer satisfaction. Through Service Facilities, operators and drivers can access on-demand repairs and maintenance of their unit in their given area of operation. They may also purchase or request parts for their units through this facilities.

To be eligible for this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • Fleet of at least 10 operating units for e-trikes or 5 operating units of 4-wheels in the area
  • Quantity of company personnel in the Service Facility will depend on volume of units to be supported


Battery swapping and monitoring facility

Battery Leasing

Majority of the cost of electric vehicles is for battery packs. Thus for fleet operations, we offer battery leasing program. Operators and owners can buy the electric vehicle, with the battery excluded from the cost. They will then need to pay for the rental fee of the battery, inclusive of repair, charging, and maintenance. This applies to battery swapping or battery charging options.

To be eligible for this program, the following criteria must be met:

  • Fleet of at least 10 operating units for e-trikes or 5 operating units of 4-wheels in the area
  • Same type of batteries used by all operating units (either lithium-type or lead acid/gel-type)
  • Willing to pay daily rental fee for use and maintenance of batteries


Financing options available

Financing Options

Electric vehicles may be expensive, but it’s actually more cost-friendly in the long run. This is why we are partnering with different institutions to provide financing options for interested buyers and operators. With financing, owners will be allowed to pay a daily fee based on an agreed scheme on a minimum interest possible. Included in the financing payment are the warranty and chattel fees for the unit they are acquiring.

An initial downpayment is required and the amortization schedule will then be based on the amount unpaid.


Exclusive deals for fleet operations

Exclusive Deals

Interested electric vehicle buyers are provided with special offers and exclusive deals. They will have an option of having to customize the design of their units to fit their chosen theme, like color and look. Certain fees may apply depending on change requirement.


We are always open to hear you out. Send us an email at or call us at (+63-49) 530 96 24.